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Google Ads Services Details

Google Ads Account Setup: Set up and configure your Google Ads account to ensure optimal campaign performance and targeting.

Keyword Research: Conduct in-depth keyword research to identify relevant and high-performing keywords that align with your advertising goals.

Ad Copywriting: Create compelling and persuasive ad copy that captures the attention of your target audience and drives clicks and conversions.

Ad Campaign Creation: Develop strategic ad campaigns tailored to your business objectives, targeting specific keywords, demographics, and locations.

Ad Group Management: Organize and manage your ad groups effectively, grouping relevant keywords and ads for better campaign performance and relevance.

Ad Optimization: Continuously monitor and optimize your ads for improved performance, including adjusting bids, refining targeting, and testing ad variations.

Conversion Tracking and Reporting: Implement conversion tracking mechanisms to measure and analyze the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaigns, providing actionable insights for optimization.

Remarketing Campaigns: Set up and manage remarketing campaigns to target and engage with users who have previously interacted with your website or ads.

Local Advertising: Target local customers with geographically focused campaigns, utilizing location extensions and targeting options to drive foot traffic and increase local brand visibility.

Campaign Audits and Consulting: Conduct thorough audits of existing Google Ads campaigns, providing insights and recommendations for optimization and better performance.

Please note that the actual services offered may vary based on specific client requirements and project scope.

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Wholesaler - Tanzania

I was struggling to find textile suppliers. Thanks for your professional services and support.


Owner - Saudi Arabia

Everything changed since I hired you to handle my website marketing campaigns...

my phone doesn't stop ringing



Founder & CEO - UK

I am thrilled with the exceptional results delivered by Dolphin Way Trading International Ltd. Their expertise in digital marketing has transformed our online presence, driving significant growth and boosting our brand visibility.

Highly recommended

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